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UON is a place of big ideas, fresh ways of thinking and ground-breaking approaches to doing. E+I 18 is a celebration of the game-changing students and staff who live and breathe this spirit of NEW. 

With a calendar packed full of events and workshops, E+I 18 is designed to inspire you to dream big, to show you NEW ways to think, and help you find practical ways to bring those dreams to life.

But it’s more than that. It’s a call to the UON community – to you – no matter what your interests, studies, work or plans are. It’s a call to you to bring innovation and enterprise to whatever it is that you do, to change the world in big or small ways. To do things differently. To make things better. To create an impact on those around you.

Ideas have the power to change the world. Our students and staff are already out there, transforming the communities around us.  

Are you ready for the call?

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Bring the spirit of E+I to your career

Find out how you can embrace change and innovation in your career

Want to study more E+I?

Check out UON courses and programs that embrace change and innovation 

UON's Integrated Innovation Network (I2N)

Create, test and develop your innovative service or product at I2N Hub

Finding your event locations is easy with MazeMaps. Open the map in a new window to search for your specific room. 

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Get involved with change-making clubs and societies

Linking with a UON Club or Society is an excellent way to develop and demonstrate your skills

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E+I 18 has been partly funded by SSAF