Feeling inspired?

The workplace of today is dynamic, agile and exciting. Graduates who embrace an innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit are perfectly placed for success in a huge range of professions and industries.

UON is dedicated to helping our students develop the skills needed to make this spirit of enterprise and innovation an integral part of their career planning – no matter what field they are hoping to enter. Whether you have a plan for a startup today or want to change the world in the future, we can help you find the ways to bring your big ideas to life. 

The Integrated Innovation Network (I2N) 

I2N was created to help UON’s innovators succeed.  The network sits at the centre of UON’s entrepreneurship ecosystem by providing a range of activities and supports, including:

Co-working Spaces

Because great things happen when creative minds come together, UON offers co-working spaces at I2N Hub in Hunter St Newcastle and I2N Hub at Williamtown.

Research and Education Facilities

In addition to UON’s world-class campus facilities, I2N manages a research and education facility that focuses on the delivery of regionally relevant research and engagement activities to help shape the future of the Upper Hunter region.

Entrepreneurship Programs 

I2N presents an inspiring and energetic program of activities aimed at creating connection and nurturing new ideas.  A range of activities including Slingshot’s Accelerator, Idea Colliders, Hackathons, guest speakers and networking events ensure that the network stimulates and drives our E+I community.



UON’s Student Clubs and Societies

Successful entrepreneurs are passionate, ready to take on new challenges and willing to collaborate within a network. Linking with a UON Club or Society is an excellent way to develop and demonstrate these skills. 

Clubs with a particular focus on an E+I mindset include the #1 Entrepreneur Club, the Bio-Innovation Society, the Computing Society, UON MakerSpace, The Society of Medical Innovation and Technology, and Robogals.  If you’re still looking for a club to inspire you or for more information visit the Clubs and Societies webpage.  


Academic programs focused on studying and developing an entrepreneurial mindset

If you are interested in expanding your concept of enterprise and innovation, UON offers a range of degrees with courses that can support your exploration.


Careers and Student Development resources to support your career decision making

Looking for career direction?  Want to discuss how you can develop the risk-taking, networking and creative thinking skills that are the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs? Drop in to Careers and Student Development and discuss your E+I aspirations.