Makerspace: Launching ideas beyond conception

Sarah James – Roving Student Reporter for E+I 18

Heading into the Makerspace launch, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I gathered from the name that it’s a space where you can make things (Einstein right here) – but hadn’t worked out what those things were.

And that in itself, is the beauty of Makerspace.

The totally innovative space is located in the Architecture Precinct (Room BSC124), and gives you the chance to test ideas beyond concept. No longer does that grand idea have to live in your imagination. Makerspace is a hands-on learning environment open to any UON student who wants to work on ground-breaking ideas.

Once inside the intimate workshop, you will find all the tools your heart desires to turn your invention into reality. Think: 3D printers, tools, laser cutters, milling devices, a sewing machine, powered workspaces, and lockable storage (so you can safely stow a project you need to come back to).

The rationale behind Makerspace is it gives student to share their love for making, technology and creative problem, and put that into practice.

I had the opportunity to speak to one of the members of the UON Makerspace student group, and their excitement was palpable.

“This is going to be a space where students from any part of the university can come together and collaborate, and build projects together, and just make things. That’s as far as woodwork making things, 3D making things, electronic tinkering, models – anything you can think of, you can make here,” Mitchell said.

If you’re just itching to get into Makerspace, it will officially open to students from 19 September. While initially it will only be open from 9am-5pm, there is hopes to extend it to 24-hour access.

For safety purposes, students also need to complete an online induction form before they can start building. Once completed send your certificate to Tim Burke (, and voila! MakerSpace is all yours.

I personally can’t wait to see what innovative projects people come up with! Be sure to watch this (Maker) space!